Allied Wallet Announces Partnership with China UnionPay


The world’s biggest payment card issuers, Allied Wallet, has announced that it will be part of the European expansion. Allied Wallet is a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing, multi-currency merchant services, and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway.

This recent partnership with China UnionPay is an effort to expand in Europe and offer an Allied Wallet-branded China UnionPay card. “We’re proud to be partnered with China UnionPay to issue these co-branded cards”, the announcement said.

China UnionPay is the world’s largest payment card issuer, and its cards continue to grow in popularity across the world – especially in Europe. The goal of this partnership between Allied Wallet and China UnionPay is to supply this demand for China UnionPay cards and support their growth across the world.

The announcement also revealed that, as early as this month, co-branded cards would begin to be issued for European consumers. These cards can be used while traveling in Asia to hopefully simplify and secure consumer spending. This new partnership and cards will be beneficial for all parties involved. Thanks to China UnionPay and Allied Wallet, consumers will have a new means of making payments all over the world.

“In Europe, we want to target local customers in the domestic market, not only people traveling to Asia,” said Zhilhong Wei, head of UnionPay in Europe. They plan to issue UnionPay-branded cards across Europe as early as December.

“We’re proud to be partnered with China UnionPay to issue these co-branded cards,” said Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja. “[China UnionPay] cards are accepted by over 40 million merchants in the world and in millions of ATMs. We look forward to giving more people an opportunity to use these cards.”

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Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.