How to Maintain Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are one way for women to enhance their appearance. By using eyelash extensions, your eyelashes will look thicker and supple without mascara. The quality of eyelash extensions depends on the beauty salon you choose; you can use eyelash extensions Bondi Junction for satisfying eyelash results. Now, here are a few ways to care for them so that they last longer:

  1. Sleeping on your back

Sleeping position can actually affect the durability of your eyelash extensions. If you sleep sideways, it might damage your eyelash extension position. Therefore, sleep on your back so that the durability of eyelash extensions is maintained.

  1. Clean eye makeup thoroughly

If you apply eyeshadow or eyeliner as eye makeup, you should clean it thoroughly. Clean carefully and do not rush, you can use a small cotton cloth, then poured micellar water to remove it. Avoid using oil-based makeup cleansers because they can make the glue on the eyelash extensions weak, and the eyelashes fall out.

  1. Eyelash Comb

Comb eyelash extensions routinely using a spooile or special comb so that your eyelashes don’t get messy. Place the spoilee under the lashes, then comb in a rolling motion. This will make the eyelash extensions look neater and more durable.

  1. Avoid Touching Eyelashes Too Often

Touching eyelash extensions too often can make your natural eyelashes fall out. Use a spoilee if you really want to comb or smooth your eyelashes.

  1. Don’t Use Waterproof Eye Makeup

The next way is to avoid using waterproof eye makeup because waterproof eye makeup is very difficult to clean. You must use an oil-based makeup cleanser to remove it by rubbing it firmly.

  1. Avoid Contact with Water on Application Day

Glue on eyelash extensions takes 24 hours to 48 hours to dry, depending on the type of glue used. Therefore make sure the eyelash extension remains dry. Avoid activities that can make you sweat excessively. If the eye area getsĀ  wet, dry it immediately

  1. Don’t Remove Eyelash Extensions Alone

If you want to stop using eyelash extensions, go to the salon where you installed the eyelash and ask the lashtician to take it off. Don’t try to pull it out yourself because it can damage your real lashes.