Latest Kawasaki Ninja H2 Prices, Reviews, and Specifications


Kawasaki has designed this motorbike to support motorists who like to travel long distances. By bringing a new concept, making Kawasaki will re-process in terms of performance, driving comfort, and of course, provide it complete driving features.

Thanks to everything new, Kawasaki dealer offer those of you who bought it at Wheels Motorcycles for £ 25,995. You can also order it via

Kawasaki complete it with high technology, which still optimizes driver safety. Then more clearly, you can check the following Kawasaki Ninja H2 design and performance specifications.

Design and Dimensions

Divided into two different options, namely the SX and SX SE aesthetics of the latest Kawasaki motorbike tour, this is clearly high. Moreover, it is emphasized by the curve of the body from front to rear. The rear-mounted stop lamp which is divided into two parts, of course, equipped with a tail tidy along with a new style turn signal. For the cockpit, you will see a digital plus analog speedometer, complete with neatly arranged indicators around it.

But quite unfortunate, the fuel tank that he brought was only limited to 19 liters, even though the performance he carried was very much in need of fuel when traveling long distances. Apart from that, the sides on the two Ninja H2 variants, there is an open body design that looks so fierce. While riding a position, it will force you to bow, but fortunately, the seat has been made separate and level.


Although not significantly changed, Kawasaki still applies the same engine combination as its predecessor, the 998cc. Where in it uses a 4-cylinder configuration, DOHC, then uses a compression ratio of 11.2: 1, as well as that which cannot be left out of the ranks of this Kawasaki sport-tourer motorbike, is Supercharged. With this provision, of course, the acceleration and power released from the runway feel so great.

Especially in this latest design, Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX and SX SE can produce a maximum power of 207 HP and torque of 137.3 Nm. It has a finer pull than the previous generation, so fuel consumption is far more economical. Moreover, it is equipped with a DFI fuel supply system that promises above-average performance.