Things to Consider when Choosing the Bathroom Floor


The floor is some of the things that are quite important for the interior of the room. The floor is not only functions as aesthetic value, but also has a residential use-value, including the bathroom floor. Therefore, floors must be designed precisely and carefully to create comfort for the residents. There are several things to consider when choosing bathroom tiles, namely:

  1. Determine the Type of Bathroom

Before choosing ceramics, first, determine the type of bathroom that will be created. There are 2 (two) types of bathrooms, namely dry bathrooms, and wet bathrooms. Dry bathroom provides a comfortable atmosphere because it is free from stagnant water. Meanwhile, a wet bathroom is more practical because it does not require long drains, such as a dry bathroom.

  1. Determine the Bathroom Floor Material

Determine the function of the floor in every room in your house before choosing the type of floor.  Ceramic flooring is the most appropriate material to use in the bathroom because it is believed to be able to that it can prevent accidents in the bathroom.

  1. Determine the Color of the Bathroom Floor

The color of the floor is certainly a point in adding beauty in a room. Therefore, pay attention when choosing floor colors. Avoid using floors with dark colors in a small room. You can buy various forms of floors at Amber Tiles. At Amber Tiles, floor tiles for sale at affordable prices. You can choose white floor tiles to neutralize the bathroom atmosphere only in Amber Tiles.

  1. Determine the Size of the Bathroom Floor

There is a wide choice of floor sizes for bathrooms. If the bathroom is large, avoid using ceramics that are too small. For small bathrooms, use a small tile to avoid cutting and wasting ceramic parts.

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