Tips on Moving to The New Office Efficiently


There are many reasons why the company decided to move to a new place. Some of the reasons are because they are looking for cheaper rental rates, expiration of lease contracts, or initial locations that cannot accommodate growing business growth.

Moving to the new office is a very tiring job. Many components must be taken care of. Here are some tips you can do to move to new offices efficiently

1. Plan everything considerably

If possible, plan transfers from 4-6 months in advance. You need to make a list of items that you want to move and make sure it matches the room plan at the new office location. That way, each employee can start making plans for each work plan.

2. Contact the Moving Service Company Early

Moving to new offices is associated with a lot of equipment and details, be sure to hire a company that provides the best office moving services 1-3 months in advance. Make sure you get the best service to help you move that could understand the details of your needs. Rhenus Lupprians is one of the reliable office relocation services. Not only helping you move things, they are also experts in the field of RMA Logistics, Technical installation, access control installation, etc. For more information, you can visit the website at

3. Always coordinate with the IT Team

Transferring Information Technology equipment need a lot of consideration because it has a lot to do with crucial company data. Servers and IT equipment require a lot of attention and special details.

4 Sort and throw the items you no longer need

Don’t bring items you no longer need. Throw away all unused paper and documents and be careful not to leave important information behind. Also, get rid of any unfit office furniture.

5. Ensure all Goods Are Packaged Safely

Every item must be packed efficiently and effectively with the right packaging to avoid any damage when it gets to the destination.

6. Inform the New Office Address to All Related Parties

Don’t forget to tell the location of your new office to all interested parties: customers, suppliers, etc. one week before. Update your company page, business cards, letterhead and all publication and promotional material.