Why a Pallet Flow Rack Can Be the Warehouse Manager’s Best Friend


Why Do I Need Pallet Racks?

Whether you want a more fluid logistical shipping system or the floor space in your distribution base or warehouse is limited, pallet racks are one of the best ways in which to implement an effective first-in, first-out (FIFO) rotation for distribution or to offer high density storage.

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One of the key factors in introducing pallet racks is calculated planning and implementation. Without a well-thought-out plan pallet racks will not offer the benefits you are looking for in implementing them, but used properly they will be a trusty ally to your warehouse manager.

So How Do Pallet Racks Work?

Pallet racks offer a simple system – when a forklift truck takes the front pallet the pallets behind simply ‘glide’ forward to take its place. A system of tracks that incline, roller systems and of course brakes can be utilised to build a basic but effective system. New stock can be loaded at the back and product can be stored as low as three pallets deep or as high as twenty – even more useful for products with expiry dates.

Warehouse News says that though traditional pallet racking might appear attractive at first given the ease of installation, the benefits of space-saving pallet racking are particularly useful if implemented at the start of a warehouse set-up.

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What Other Benefits Do They Bring?

The pallets take up less space than conventional storage systems, which allows for increased floor space and the possibility of reducing the size of your warehouse or at least negating the need for expansion. The comparison of conventional racking with pallet racks means you could cut your square footage in half, bringing savings not only on property but also building costs.

Tailored to You

A pallet racking system is designed prior to installation for your warehouse. There are a number of systems available, as detailed by rackzone.ie/pallet-racking/, who provide pallet racking Ireland and offer a good variety of systems, including adjustable pallet racking and long span racking systems.

When built to the requirements of your warehouse, your logistical needs and your projected development, a pallet rack system should offer a hard-to-beat product distribution system with a high level of space efficiency and cost-effective implementation.